About the Campaign

The plight of the poor in North America continues to evade simple solutions. The church has shown general concern and has been somewhat involved, but an underlying feeling that social woes are the government’s problem, and a lack of knowledge about meaningfully engaging with people in need, have kept the church from fulfilling its spiritual mandate. Invisible Neighbors tells the story of the desperate and destitute in our midst and reiterates Jesus’ instructions. With a unique combination of printed word, videos, website, and social media, the campaign is designed to motivate believers to engage with the poor in a way that will impact their communities, their churches, and their own lives.

About AGRM (Association of Gospel Rescue Missions)

With a 100-year legacy and a presence in most major cities, the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions (AGRM) is North America’s oldest and largest network of independent crisis shelters and addiction recovery centers. Member organizations offer immediate help and eternal hope to hungry, homeless, abused, and addicted people. AGRM seeks to foster and feed a movement of diverse, energetic disciples who will see the practice of hospitality to the destitute as both a catalyst for life transformation in Jesus and a fundamental expression of their Christian faith, thus propelling the church into the lead role in society’s quest to alleviate homelessness. More information is available at www.agrm.org.

About Crosssection

CrossSection is a fully integrated entity specializing in strategy, media design, technology, publishing and  production all under one roof. With expertise and a proven track record with a variety of highly recognized projects targeted to help churches engage their congregants into deeper study and spiritual growth, CrossSection has earned a reputation of excellence and innovation that is unparalleled in the non profit industry. Recent project creation and execution include The Passion of The Christ, The Chronicles of Narnia, 40 Day's of Purpose, The Hole In Our Gospel and many other projects and clients that can be viewed at www.CrossSection.com

SESSION 1: Who is my neighbor?

“Hey, we’re neighbors!”  | An unusual encounter with a homeless man that changes everything
A culture of “cocoons” and “clans”  | The impact the loss of social capital now has on our everyday lives
The Samaritan saga | A fresh, in-depth look at one of Jesus’ often-repeated parables

SESSION 2: Nations of neighbors in need

Concerning statistics | Facts and figures regarding our most heart-wrenching social issues
“This is my story” | Getting acquainted with two very typical invisible neighbors
The next ten years | What the days ahead might hold if things continue as they are

SESSION 3: The question of responsibility

The government’s burden? | The very complicated role of government in caring for the poor
The church’s responsibility? | Why the church of Jesus Christ is not as involved as it should be
Under the Overpass | Two transients tell of their experiences with Christians on the streets

SESSION 4: Love your neighbor as yourself

A biblical perspective on the poor | What scripture says about the poor and the obligation of believers
Jesus and the Year of Jubilee | How the Son of God brings back to life a forgotten Jewish custom
The Matthew 25 upshot | The meaning and ramifications of a popular passage on kindness

SESSION 5: Embracing radical hospitality

The New Testament model | What biblical hospitality really means and how one patriarch lived it
Community, then houses | The right priority for addressing homelessness from a faith perspective
Christ, then programs | Why the Gospel needs to come before enrollment in social programs

SESSION 6: Missions to the rescue

A perfect place to start | What rescue missions have stood for and what they continue to do
Your invitation for involvement | Ways you can serve a rescue mission and what it will do for you
Don’t forget the words | A final word on communicating the life changing truth of Jesus